Subject:-Go “Wild”
Definition: Capture an image of anyone, anything or anywhere that looks wild in any way.
Note: The word “wild” must be incorporated in the title of each image.

The Results & Photos at Woolorama 2024

IMG 8124Diane & Coral showing the Winners


Diane with Paul, President NEPG

IMG 8136

 IMG 8125
 IMG 8118
IMG 8116 IMG 8115
 IMG 8113
 IMG 8111
 IMG 8110
 IMG 8109
 IMG 8108
 IMG 8107
IMG 8106 
IMG 8105
IMG 8117 




Subject: ‘50’

Definition: an image featuring the word fifty, the number 50, fifty of anything or anything relating to 50.

Open to all Camera clubs that are afiliated with the WA Photographic Federation (WAPF), This is a team event with up to 12 Photos per Club.

As many of the Images posible will be displayed at the Wagin Woolorama on March 10th & 11th

IMG 4199

The Wining Images for 'Fifty'

ENTRIES totalled 91 photographs, received from 8 clubs, Those gaining the highest marks have an ACCEPTANCE tag. All images were hung for public enjoyment

IMG 4196

IMG 4198

IMG 4200

CLUB SCORES: (12 prints per club)

WA Camera Club (WINNING CLUB) 197 pts
Photography Group of Bunbury 188 pts
Wagin Camera Club 186 pts
Albany Photographic Society 183 pts
Busselton Camera Club 182 pts
Esperance Photographers Club 179 pts
Foothills Camera Club 176 pts
Northern Exposure Photographers Group (7 prints) 114 pts

1st Ray Meckenstock (Northern Exposure Photographers Group)  
Photo entitled: “Coup de Grace”

2nd Colin White (Northern Exposure Photographers Group)
Photo entitled: “ Covid – Party Pooper”

3rd Jill Harrison (Photography Group of Bunbury)
Photo entitled: “Licorice Jenga 



Merit   Richard Goodwin "Fifty Hail Marys"    WA Camera Club

Merit   Ron Dullard   "Shades of Grey"         WA Camera Club
Merit   Dennis Bear   "Preparation work"       Photography Group of Bunbury
Merit   Veana Scott   "50 years"                Albany Photographic Society
Merit   Janet Baker   "50 Coloured squares"  Albany Photographic Society
Merit   Jill Pontague   "Fifty Galahs in Flight"    Busselton Camera Club
          Gordon McDade    "Nifty Fifty"             NEPG
          Roger Lancaster    "50 Gower St"         Foothills
          Derek Judkins      "50 Seconds from the Past"     WA Camera Club
          Steve Brown       "50 Words for Snow"        WA Camera Club
          Phil Burrows         "Page 50"                     WA Camera Club
          Lisa Boulden        "The Next Set"               WA Camera Club
          Chris de Blank       "Mathematics"    Photography Group of Bunbury
          Richard Hugman     "Slow down"      Photography Group of Bunbury

          Gaye Bushell         "Happy 50th birthday"          Wagin Camera Club
          Christine Bairstow   "Mailbox birthday surprise"   Wagin Camera Club
          Lyn Pike                 "Eggsactly 50"                  Wagin Camera Club
          Diane Davidson       "Playing cards & tokens"      Wagin Camera Club
          Helen Jupp       "Fifty shades of Fantasy"       Busselton Camera Club
          Paula Kay           "Fifty Nightshades"             Busselton Camera Club

IMG 4201

IMG 4202

IMG 4203

IMG 4204

The Top 20 Photos from the 2022 Competition 'Golden' where on display as will 'Messing with the Masters' by the Wagin CC

IMG 4181 

Display of 'Messing with the Masters'

 IMG 4182

By the Wagin Camera Club


             IMG 4179         

   IMG 4176   
Display of the 'Golden' from 2022 
      IMG 4178                                                                                     



Subject: “Golden”   


Wagin Woolorama 2022 has unfortunately been CANCELLED due to Level 2 Covid restrictions being implemented as of 3rd March. This is disappointing for everyone as enormous amounts of work have been done towards this event, only to have it cancelled at such late notice. Here in Wagin, the annual calendar is geared around the event. The year is measured as being either “before Woolorama” or “after Woolorama”. Many organisations rely on Woolorama for an opportunity to raise funds by supplying labour e.g., sports clubs’ man the gates, Lions club mans the bar, Rotary marks out the grounds etc. It is also where deals are done, farmers compete, families unite and friends meet up.  2022 was also to be special as it marked the 50th anniversary of Wagin Woolorama in its present format, having evolved from an annual agricultural show. All is now on-hold.

                           However: The 50th anniversary of Woolorama will now be celebrated in March 2023.

The Interclub:
Eleven clubs entered with a total of 132 beautiful prints. Thank you all for these and your individual effort is recognised and appreciated. The competition has been judged on February 18 and the results are attached. However, the club has lost its venue for the exhibition of these prints.

Therefore: With the support/co-operation of participating club’s itis desired to retain the TOP 20 images for exhibition next year alongside the2023 Interclub competition. Those are images with scores 17 and above. All other prints will be returned to the clubs. Arrangements will be made with clubs which planned to pick their images up from Woolorama.
Wagin Camera Club will pay the prize money while it waits to see if Wagin Agricultural Society sponsorship is possible for this year. Some/most club entries will be held for viewing at our next Camera Club night on Monday, March 21, before being mailed back.


20220408 161443

1st Place; Paula Kay of Busselton CC “Day’s end”         

20220408 163447 2nd Place; Jocelyn Manning of WACC

“Musical syrup”

 20220408 154451

3rd Place; David Thomson of WACC 

“Golden Old Gold”


ENTRIES totalled 132 photographs, received from 11 clubs                

CLUB SCORES: (12 prints per club)

WA Camera Club (WINNING CLUB)             187 pts

Busselton Camera Club                              171 pts

Photography Group of Bunbury                  168 pts

Northam Photography Group                      168 pts

Northern Exposure Photographers Group    162 pts

Wagin Camera Club                                   154 pts

Albany Photographic Society                      151 pts

Mandurah Photography Club                      146 pts

Manjimup Photo Club                                135 pts

Foothills Camera Club                                132 pts

Esperance Photographers Club                   130 pts 

 2022          "Golden"        TOP 20 Score  

1st Paula Kay "Day's End" Busselton Camera Club 20

2nd Jocelyn Manning "Musical Syrup" WA Camera Club 20

3rd David Thomson "Golden Old Gold" WA Camera Club 19

Merit Colin White "Gold" Northern Exposure PG 18

Merit Harry McDonald "Bar-tailed Godwit" Mandurah Photography Club 18               

Merit Mike Baker "Grazing" Photography Group of Bunbury 18

Merit Paula Kay "Above the clouds" Busselton Camera Club 18

Merit Mary Baker "Golden Drink" Busselton Camera Club 18

Merit Sybille Banow "Frolicking in the light" WA Camera Club 18

Susi Nodding "101 Collins St" NEPG 17

Nadine Henley "Golden Light at Beeliar" NEPG 17

Susan Moss "A rainy night at the Louvre" WA Camera Club 17

Robert Woodbury "Greeting the dawn" WA Camera Club 17

Virginia Hills "Golden star child" Northam Photography Group 17

Martin Carter "Wheat" Northam Photography Group 17

Jenny Utting "Pollinate me" Northam Photography Group 17

Dennis Bear "Spit and polish" Photography Group of Bunbury 17

Vicki Clark "Mr Cheeky" Albany Photographic Society 17

Lyn Neal "Golden fleece" Manjimup Photo Club 17

Roy Dixon "Lots of Gold" Foothills Camera Club 17

20220408 155142'Frolicking in the light'

by Sybile Banow  WACC

20220408 155957'Grazing' by Mike Baker Bunbury PC

20220408 155352'Golden Drink' by Mary Barker Busselton CC

 20220408 160552

Above the Clouds

by Paula Kay Busselton CC

 20220408 160225

Gold by Colin White. NEPG

20220408 155645
Bar-tailed Godwit

by Harry McDonald  Mandrah PC

Coral Davies
for Wagin Camera Club




Topic:  “Isolated” 

Definition:  Separated from everyone or everything; solitary, remote, secluded or alone. 

Open to all camera clubs in Western Australia affiliated with the WA Photographic Federation

Here are the results and photos for this years Wagin Interclub,

Congratulations to Coral, Diane & the Wagin Club for another great display.

IMG 6071

IMG 6073 

IMG 6072

IMG 6035 

The winner's & grinner's

IMG 6036

IMG 6037

IMG 6038

IMG 6042

IMG 6043

IMG 6040

IMG 6045

IMG 6046

IMG 6048

IMG 6049

IMG 6047



Topic: “On the Move”

Definition: An image showing anyone or anything on the move, moving, or being moved in any way. The photographer may choose to show, or freeze, the movement. 

Open to all camera clubs in Western Australia affiliated with the WA Photographic Federation (12 entries per club, no more than 2 from any one photographer)

 ENTRIES totalled 120 photographs, received from 10 clubs, those gaining the highest marks have an ACCEPTANCE tag, As many as possible have been hung for your enjoyment

WINNING CLUB: Northern Exposure Photographers Group 198 pts              thumb IMG 3395  thumb IMG 3398

followed by:
Mandurah Photography Club 173 pts
Photography Group of Bunbury 166 pts                                                                                                                          
Geographe Photographic Group 162 pts
Busselton Camera Club 162 pts
Northam Photography Group 161 pts
Wagin Camera Club 155 pts
Foothills Camera Club 153 pts
Esperance Photographers Club 137 pts
Albany Photographic Society 119 pts


1st Jean Wilson (Northern Exposure Photographers Group)
Photo entitled: “Startled Flight”

2nd Cecylia Sylwestrzak (Northern Exposure Photographers Group)
Photo entitled: “ Shifting Sands”

3rd Olivia Vincent (Northern Exposure Photographers Group)
Photo entitled: “Gentoo”

IMG 3356


IMG 3360

IMG 3361

IMG 3363

IMG 3364

IMG 3365

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Wagin Camera Club:
Coral Davies, Interclub co-ordinator
Wagin Camera Club Inc. PO Box 180, WAGIN WA 6315

cowslips 1              

75 Open From Above

Topic  “From above”

Wagin Camera Club, with the support of the Wagin Woolorama Committee,

will host the twentieth Wagin Interclub Competition,

entries for which close with last mail received on Friday, February 1.

SUBJECT: “From above” – Prints only (colour or mono)

DEFINITION: An image taken from above, looking down on something, someone or somewhere.

Taken anyhow from far away to close-up, by camera, drone or phone.

(Note: no time/date restriction on images)


Wagin Camera Club – Woolorama Interclub Photography competition 2019

The subject for this year’s Wagin Camera Club, Woolorama Interclub photography competition was “From Above”.   This subject was chosen to attract a wide variety of images due to the photographers personal interpretation of the topic.  

Ten clubs entered, with 15 images per club, giving a total of 150 images for judging. Entries were received from camera clubs in Northam, Esperance, Albany, Bunbury, Busselton, Geographe and metropolitan clubs Foothills, Northern Exposure and Belmont, plus local club Wagin.

Judging was done in Perth by members of the WA Photographic Judges Association.

The standard was exceptionally high and, as predicted, the subject matter in the images was widely varied. The only thing in common was that the images had been taken “From above”.

Winning club for 2019 was the Geographe Photographic Group. The perpetual trophy was presented to representatives from Geographe in the photography room on Woolorama Saturday. The winning club also receives $75.

Individual awards went to:

1st:   Jenni Banfield of Northam Photography Group ($100)

2nd: Ailine Hurst of Belmont Camera Club ($50)

3rd: Paul Sauter of Northern Exposure Photographers Group ($25)

The exhibition was well received by the viewing public at Woolorama and many favourable comments were received. It is hoped members of the Woolorama committee had an opportunity to view it.

Like other Woolorama events, there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work put into this interclub competition and this was done by willing Wagin Camera Club volunteers. It feels a little like Christmas to open the boxes of photographs as the club entries arrive.

The only down-side this year was running out of hanging space which meant 19 images (the lower scores) were left, unhung, in the suitcase. This was partly due to the increasing use of bigger prints in bigger mounts. However that size prints look terrific.

Wagin Camera Club will re-look at the rules-of-entry and make some adjustments where necessary.

     Coral Davies

Interclub co-ordinator

For Wagin Camera Club  


pm Twisted Arches                   Cut Hay Boundaryl

Wagin Woolorama Interclub 2018  

Topic - Curves

The annual Wagin Woolorama drew an attendance of 23,500 people over Friday and Saturday, March 9 & 10. Wagin Camera club again hosted the Wagin Woolorama Interclub photographic competition, a team event between camera clubs in Western Australia in which each club may submit 15 prints with no more than three images from any one member.
This year a record 12 clubs entered with images totalling 171. The subject was "Follow the Curve/s". The judge was impressed with the very high technical standard of the images and the creative interpretation of the topic. Acceptance level was a high 17 points and over out of a possible 20 due to the quality of the entries.
Northern Exposure Photographers Group won the competition with a score of 256pts, just one point in front of WA Camera Club.
Individual awards: Kim McAvoy of WA Camera Club won first place with her image titled "Ever downward". Susi Nodding of Northern Exposure Photographers Group gained second place with an image titled "Brookfield Place Lights" and Ron Dullard of WA Camera Club was awarded third place for his image titled "The Bench". Merits were awarded to Danielle van der Plas of NEPG, Jocelyn Manning of WA Camera Club, Sharon Hook of Northam, Wendy Gibb of Geographe Photographic Group and Alyson Parr of Bunbury.
Images were exhibited in the air-conditioned photography room in the Eric Farrow pavilion at the Wagin Showgrounds over the two days of the Wagin Woolorama and drew favourable comments from viewers.
Well done all.
Coral Davies - Wagin Camera Club

Winning Club (15 prints per club)

Northern Exposure Photographers Group 256 pts                                                        

WA Camera Club 255 pts

Northam Photography Group 248 pts

Geographe Photography Group 245 pts

Photography Group of Bunbury 228 pts

Wagin Camera Club 225 pts

Mandurah Photography Club 219 pts

Albany Photographic Society 187 pts

Foothills Camera Club 186 pts

Busselton Camera Club 179 pts

Esperance Photographers Club 151 pts

Belmont Camera Club (6 prints only) 78 pts

                       setting up interclub     setting up Wagin Interclub

              Setting up the Wagin Woolorama Interclub 2017